Myrtle Beach International Airport Shuttle (MYR)

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We have every kind of transportation for every budget.  We guarantee your safety on every ride. Our pledge to you: We will call you on your phone before picking up. Tell you the driver’s name, color and make of car and license plate number. We will be with you on the phone when he picks you up to make sure you’re satisfied with your ride. For more info go to

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Myrtle Beach International Airport Shuttle the lowest price and most convenient and dependable Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle Transportation. If you need a ride anywhere on the grand strand. The most convenient and safe along with least expensive way to travel.

We don’t use a meter and we don’t have extra costs. It’s easy book a ride with us we give you a flat rate price in writing and that your price. Don’t be stressed out by cabdrivers and others who act like they don’t know what it cost and then they do know what it cost. It’s always lot higher than what they told you.Give us a try and we guarantee a clean flat rate no hassle ride anywhere on the grand strand including Charleston, Florence, Wilmington and anywhere in South Carolina and parts of North Carolina.

The Shuttle is classified under the limo category and does not operate as a taxi therefore the rates are given in writing prior to arrival. There’s no need to worry about payment as we take reservations on the honor system and also accept credit, debit and all forms of payment.

Whether you’re leaving Myrtle Beach or just arriving if you need dependable Transportation use Myrtle Beach Airport International Airport Shuttle.

Luggage and children are no extra charge and we can be reached at 800-699-7684 – 24 hours a day seven days a week. You would like more information about us please go to Myrtle Beach Airport Shuttle

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